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A Handle on Pans

Lucy Baker-Kind quizzes three Devon-based chefs about their favourite pans

Lucy Baker-Kind
23 April 2018
Stellar Rocktanium 24cm saute pan

Mitch Tonks, Chef Director and Restaurateur

"I love a frying pan for just about anything, but mostly searing meat and fish," says Mitch. The Rocktanium frying pan is scratch-resistant using Quantanium non-stick technology, and the induction base ensures even heat distribution on all hob types. With its stainless steel cast handles, it is dishwasher and oven safe to 210°C degrees, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

"I have a cast iron wok-type pan, which I love for Asian food and stir fry – it gets nice and hot," explains Mitch. The GreenPan Venice Pro Wok has a hard anodised aluminium exterior, complete with Magneto induction technology suitable for all heat sources. The Thermolon Infinity Pro coating is enhanced with diamonds and lasts even in the face of intense usage and cleaning. Mitch's favourite pan is a sauté pan: "I use it for cooking shellfish such as mussels, sauces and vegetables. It's just a good shape and reaches a hot temperature." The sauté pan from Rocktanium is 24cm in size and has a vented glass lid and stainless steel cast handles. "I use stainless steel as it's easy to keep clean and is so robust," adds Mitch.

Dexam Supreme Stainless Steel 3-piece saucepan set

John Burton-Race, Chef Patron at John Burton-Race Hotel & Restaurant, Torquay

John finds a saucepan useful “because this is ideal for most things like vegetables, rice or pasta.” The Dexam Supreme Stainless Steel Saucepan features a satin and polished finish, with an all-round pouring lip, steam-vented lid and riveted handles. The pan has capacity markings on the inside and is suitable for use on all hobs. Manufactured from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel, these saucepans incorporate an energy-efficient, 6mm thick, impact-bonded, aluminium sandwich base. The cast steel wishbone-shaped handles and lid knobs are secured with rivets for added durability and stability. Extremely versatile, they are oven safe to 230°C (440°F), dishwasher safe and come with a 25-year guarantee. “My favourite material is stainless steel – it’s easy to clean and always looks great, no matter which kitchen you’re in,” concludes John.

The wok, a traditional stalwart of stir-fries, is a must for John: “I’m a big fan of cooking quickly, and a wok is a great shape for doing that.” The Elements stainless steel wok, from GreenPan, uses Evershine technology, which takes heat-efficient bi-ply stainless steel and makes it discolouration-resistant, keeping it looking good for years to come. The wok features the Infinity Professional ceramic non-stick coating, and is suitable for all hobs.

A small, coated, non-stick frying pan always features in John’s kitchen. “It can be used for virtually everything, from bacon and eggs in the morning to anything at dinner time,” he claims. I asked John which pan he would choose if he had to narrow it down to just one. “It would be my small frying pan, just because it can be used for everything.”

Procook Griddle Pan

Chris Essex, Head Chef at the Thomas Carr Seafood and Grill, Ilfracombe

“A chargrill griddle pan is the best way of getting a char on a steak,” states Chris. The Granite Stone Non-Stick Griddle Pan from ProCook has a reinforced triple layer PFOA-free, non-stick coating that requires less cooking oil. With a cast aluminium body for even heat distribution, it is suitable for all hob types, is oven safe to 180°C and dishwasher safe.

Chris is a fan of a deep saucepan for long braising. The deep Signature saucepan from ProCook with its heavy gauge tri-ply construction, ensures supreme heat distribution and lifetime durability. With the added bonus of heat-resistant CoolTouch stainless steel long handles, it is optimised for induction and suitable for all other hob types. It’s oven safe to 260°C and also dishwasher safe.

Chris determines that stainless steel is the best for durability, and non-stick achieves the best results: “The most versatile pan is a non-stick sauté pan – you can literally use it for anything.”

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