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From period pieces and streamlined modern cabinets to retro fridges, there are many ways to highlight your kitchen’s look, suggests Lucy Baker-Kind

1 January 2018

From country cutlery and traditional taps to period plates and contemporary cookers, the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where an overall style can be artfully achieved. By choosing fixtures and fittings in a corresponding design, the kitchen is given a cohesive feel.

If your dream is a cosy country-themed room, take a look at traditional and detailed items – think of a large space with sociable island feature, wooden units, accessories and, perhaps, even the odd dog bed lying around! To achieve this look (and to make your pooch really happy), concentrate on the largest item in the kitchen: the oven. Aga ranges are synonymous with country style – the size, warmth, sturdiness and even colour of the oven sums up country homes like no other. Agas come in a wide range of sizes, from two-door ‘mini versions’ to enormous ‘catering for 20 people’ installations. They’re available in traditional cast iron with pre-set heat zones, Dual Control electric or gas models with independently controllable hot plates, and the S-Series with ceramic or gas hobs. Alternatively, the Total Control version runs on electricity and can be switched on at the press of a button (even with a remote control).

To complete the country feel, install taps that have a traditional high curve spout and ceramic handles, and match them with wooden counter tops.

If you love the feel of period craftsmanship, then installing a Belfast sink is the way to bring a touch of glamour into your home, even if it isn’t the enormous country pile that this style of sink conjures up. These sinks often have deeper bowls than more modern sinks, making them practical for washing large items.

If you’re trying to achieve a sleek, modern vibe, pick streamlined cupboards, without extra details, and keep accessories to a minimum. Handleless cupboards are proving very popular, and there is a huge range of finishes and colours to choose from.

The combination of a lacquered matt finish and gloss-coloured cupboards would inject a boost of personality into a contemporary look. To accompany the units, a sink mixer offers the unfussy detailing that a modern kitchen demands.

Finally, add a touch of ‘wow’ with the iconic 1950s-styled Smeg fridge, available in small or large, with ice compartment and a chunky chrome handle – the retro design is instantly recognisable. Choose from plain white or bright orange, a patriotic Union Jack, or a vibrant colour stripe, and inject some serious style into your kitchen. 

”If you’re trying to achieve a sleek, modern vibe, pick streamlined cupboards and keep accessories to a minimum.”

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