kitchen painted with Deluxe Sweet Embrace

Seasonal Style

With the new season, there’s no better time to give your home a makeover – Chrissy Harris rounds up the key looks to go for this season

Chrissy Harris
1 March 2024

Classy kitchens

Chances are, the kitchen is the place where everyone in your house hangs out the most, so it’s important that it looks the part. Big and bold colours are starting to feature even more prominently, with burgundy and oranges creeping in for 2024. If that sounds like too much of a statement to make, you can be brave in other ways.

“There’s a real move towards wrapping colours around a room,” says interior designer Caroline Palk of Ashton House Design in Ashburton. “Going up to and over the ceiling and taking in the woodwork is a different approach that works really well.”

This method goes well with calming shades, including ochres, tans and dusky pinks, such as the Dulux Colour of the Year, Sweet Embrace, “a kind, delicate tone that brings a feeling of positivity to our lives”. We could all do with a big dose of that.

Incorporating vintage and antique furniture into the mix is a time-honoured look that still works. Paul Hervey of PHI Concepts, the interior design and decoration specialists used by high-end holiday lettings firm Boutique Retreats, says: “Hints of rusticity will feature in 2024 in the way of raw wood panelling, as well as mixing vintage alongside the ultra-contemporary.”

And you can also use what you (or your nearest and dearest) might have lurking in the garage or attic. “Make do and mend will reappear with people restyling their home with items they already have but adding new flourishes with well-considered additions,” adds Paul.

It’s also worth noting that butler’s pantries or larder cupboards are the hottest thing in kitchen design at the moment. Integrated, free-standing or walk-in, these practical and stylish storage solutions will take your kitchen to the next level of cool.

Get the look: Toby’s Reclamation in Exminster has a good stock of vintage cabinets and cupboards for the kitchen. Exmoor Furniture in Braunton makes bespoke pantry units.

Arte – New Collection

Maximise your living space

“People want a bit of luxury in their lives,” says Caroline. “There’s a move away from paring everything down – we need to show off a bit and make an impact.” Caroline also suggests bringing some texture into your space, whether that’s with a big rattan overhead lampshade, a beautifully woven rug or a pair of luxurious-looking curtains. Yep, those windows need to be properly dressed. “Fabrics are all very much back in vogue this year,” says Caroline, adding that one expert told her that “everyone wants to do frills”. Hmm.

“People do want nice curtains,” she adds, explaining that scalloped, fringed, anything goes. “It’s nice that people want to have these finishing touches. It’s lovely to see that handcrafted look.”

More is definitely more in your living space and that goes for your walls, too. There are so many incredible wallpapers to choose from. If you want to stay close to the 2024 vibe, include a nod to the luxurious with a pop of metallic. Gold and silver, and also copper and bronze will make your living space sparkle and shine with just the right amount of bling.

For a real indulgence, add a home bar into the mix to allow friends and family to enjoy a glamorous evening round at yours. It’s a great gathering point and helps to create a party vibe in your home.

Talking of being sociable, curved seating remains a trend. “It just invites a more natural way of sitting,” says Caroline, a fan of the curvaceous look, rather than angular corners when it comes to shaping our spaces. “It’s much more convivial and natural to face each other.”

Get the look: Barrow Clark in Barnstaple has a good selection of curvaceous seating. Exeter Fabrics has centres in Exeter and Exmouth. They have the latest designs plus a good selection of bargain remnants. HUX London crafts some wonderful home bars.

Bedroom painted with Dulux Sweet Embrace

Textures in the bedroom

Layer up and lie down in your sanctuary by adding plenty of texture to beds, walls and floors. Think chunky wool rugs, natural woods, crisp linens and lush velvets. This is a quiet luxury, however. The idea is that opulence and sophistication shouldn’t be too brash or bold – think of a more relaxed Scandi vibe. “Texture will be huge with lots of rattan, split cane and weaves,” says Paul, explaining that this goes for your bedheads and pendant lights. And colours need to exude calm.

“Blue will be a key colour in all shades, from dark navy to pastel,” Paul adds, also highlighting those all-important neutrals. “Everything from stone to putty to just off-white will be the new base layers, replacing the many shades of grey that have been popular over the past 10 years.”

And those frills could work in here too. As 2024 looks back to traditional styles, add a little fancy flourish with a valance or a bed skirt. This touch of nostalgia will keep everything looking neat and tidy as well as effortlessly stylish. Keep it neutral though to match this year’s look. Classic white and cool-toned beige will add to the serenity of your sleeping space.

Get the look: Family-run Abbotts DIY stores in Ottery St Mary and Seaton have a good range of paints and a mixing service. Both stores are Dulux colour and advice centres. Visit the Salcombe Trading Company for relaxed Scandi furniture and accessories.

Bliss-out bathrooms

Bringing in that sophisticated warmth extends to your bathroom – often the most used and most overlooked room in the house. Give it the attention it deserves with a few tweaks or a complete makeover.

If you’re going all-out, natural textures such as wood, stone and wicker are surging in popularity. These organic materials add texture and shape to any space. Paul believes that ribbed wood will be huge this year. “We’re seeing it around and in bathrooms on vanity units,” he says. “The ribbing can extend to the glazing for shower cubicles and screens.”

If you’re keeping costs down, add a few rattan baskets for storage or a woven rug to soften the space.

Don’t be afraid to bring in the old-meets-new trend in here, too. This more personal aesthetic combines sleek, contemporary features with a traditional, more ‘cottage core’ feel. Ultra-modern cabinets and cupboards can look great alongside a vintage shelf unit or light.

Tiles can also be given the personal touch. Where once laying patterns were 50:50 brick bond or stack, now, anything goes. “It can be far more complicated,” says Caroline. “You could have, say, three horizontal and three vertical, chequerboard, or put them on a diagonal. There are a lot of ways to test the skill of your tiler!”

Get the look: Honiton Tile and Bathroom can supply and install a range of quality tiles manufactured by the world’s leading brands. Studio One South West creates bespoke, luxury bathrooms and wet rooms.

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